Four Lakes Processing Collective

About FLPC

Let’s Meet and Make a Plan!

If FLPC might be able to help you with a project, let’s meet and make a plan. Each client is different and we work with each business to figure out how we can best help you. Let us design a solution that’s affordable and reduces the stress you have to manage as a small business owner!

Initial consultations are free and staff are available flexible hours to accommodate your busy life. Let us know if there’s some way we might help!

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For more information, or to set up an initial meeting, email Chris at feedcoordinator

You can see us in action at our primary production facility which is FEED Kitchens, 1219 N. Sherman Avenue, Madison, WI, 53704.


Four Lakes Processing Collective was born out of a real need in the local food scene.  Many small producers of local products can’t scale up because they don’t have the staff or facilities.  Production, marketing and distribution are very time consuming and together sometimes more than a small business owner can manage easily on their own!

Four Lakes Processing Collective is here to help!  We train skilled processors to do all manner of kitchen tasks from simple prep work to full scale production of already existing value added products.  We want to create jobs for growers, processors, product makers and other food businesses by expanding the capacity of local food businesses to scale up and expand sales!

Building a more resilient local food system.

Local food production is a cornerstone of community resilience and providing for ourselves now and into the future.  We need to make things locally again to sustain good jobs and reduce our reliance on distant farms and factories for the things we need.

One key element of a strong local food system we lack is the capacity to do small and medium scale packing and processing.  Four Lakes Processing Collective exists to fill this gap in services and enhance community resilience by helping build the local food system infrastructure.

Let’s us help you build your local food business!

Cleaning and Packing

Are you a grower and need help packing bulk produce for buyers?  Maybe you have a mountain of berries you need frozen and bagged up?  We can help!

Product Development

Have a hot idea or old family recipe you want to turn into a product?  We may be able to help you navigate the process of bringing your new product to market!

Special Order Help

Got some big catering event coming up and need help getting the prep work done?  Our team of skilled processors can likely do whatever you need! 

Full Service Co-packing

Have an existing value added product but need help scaling up?  Let us be your production team while you focus on building your brand and expanding your sales!

We exist to serve the local food movement.